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Reboot Devices Remotely

3rd Party Fail-Safe for Device Modems

Day-of-Week Scheduling

Schedule up to Four Devices per SmartLink™

Proof of Performance

Verify Devices are Performing Anytime

Over the past 10 years, SmartLink™ controllers have become the industry standard for remote device management of digital displays, advertising and lighting.

The SmartLink™ web relay was designed for the advertising industry to provide proof of performance and manage power consumption, and has grown into a full-scale asset management system for industry giants like Lamar, Clear Channel and Daktronics. We have over 75,000 SmartLink™ installations throughout the US, Europe, Australia and South America, and work directly with transit agencies, advertising companies, manufacturers, architects and technology providers.

SmartLink™ controllers are 100% made in the USA, are UL Listed, and can be installed into new or existing infrastructure.  We offer turnkey installation services by licensed contractors, and 24/7 technical support from our Huntsville-based engineering team.

Call us at (256) 885-9768 to discuss how to integrate the SmartLink™ into your project.

SmartLink Controller Opaque

Since investing in one of the newest technologies to impact the Outdoor industry, the SmartLink has reduced my utility costs by 50%.

Jim McIntyre

McIntyre Outdoor Advertising

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