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Dwight Jennings - SmartLink Team

Dwight Jennings, Founder & CEO

The journey of OutdoorLink, Inc. began in 2007 with a vision to solve the struggles the Out of Home Advertising industry faces on a daily basis. Owner and CEO Dwight Jennings created the SmartLink™ System to help ease the problems of escalating utility costs, customer complaints due to illumination issues, and continuously increasing maintenance expenses that affected the industry as a whole.

After spending more than 40 years in the Out of Home Advertising industry, Dwight gained a vast knowledge of the business and a passion for the people who make it great.  In 1967 he started in sales and management with Creative Displays, and in 1984 started his own company in Northern Alabama, Jennings Outdoor Advertising.  After building the business to over 400 structures, Dwight sold Jennings Outdoor and began his new search on how to continue impacting the Out of Home Advertising industry.

Since 2007 OutdoorLink, Inc., a family owned and operated company, has become the industry leader in providing remote control of billboard lighting and digital displays for the Out of Home Advertising industry in both the United States and abroad. We value our customers as our greatest source of learning and inspiration, and are proud to provide a product that was built for them by them.  To date, there are tens of thousands of SmartLink units installed throughout the world. In addition, sister company OutdoorLink Services, Inc., has over 35 subcontractors who install the SmartLink™ System as well as LED lighting and ladder safety systems for customers.

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