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Remote Device Management

SmartLink™ controllers remotely monitor, schedule, and reboot digital inventory through its cloud-based management system.  Receive maintenance alerts in real-time, proof of performance and the ability to reboot any device from a computer or phone.  Our technical support staff is based in Huntsville, AL and is available via phone or email 24/7 to support your operations.

Call us today to discuss how to integrate the SmartLink™ into your project (256) 885-9768.

Digital Billboard Remote Control SmartLink

Digital Billboards

Verify your most expensive investment is performing

Cracker Barrel Static Billboard tall

Static Billboards

Reduce the need for site visits to check power and illumination

Tri-Fold Static Billboard Remote Controller SmartLink

Tri-Face Billboards

Manage both illumination and mechanical motors remotely

Solar Panel Billboard SmartLink Controller 225x300

Solar Applications

Leverage the savings from solar powered investments