SmartLink™ Controllers

The SmartLink Management System (SMS) remotely monitors device behavior, manages power consumption and reduces the need for manual site visits. The SMS sends notifications when devices lose power and enables a remote reboot to restore functionality.  The SMS confirms whether issues were caused due to loss of power or loss of connectivity, which speeds up troubleshooting and resolves downtime faster.

SmartLink controllers enable multiple devices to operate on different schedules and includes a Smart Weather feature to ensure assets are powered during inclement weather.  And with an open API, the SMS can integrate into other Content Management Systems for a full-scale asset management solution.

Below are the available standard SmartLink controllers.  Please call (256) 885-9768 or email with questions or for a quote request.

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-1-AC Controller

Control 1 AC Device

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-2-DC Controller

Control up to 2 DC Devices

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-4-AC Controller

Control up to 4 AC Devices

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-4-DC Controller

Control up to 4 DC Devices