SmartLink™ Device Management

SmartLink™ controllers remotely monitor, schedule, and reboot digital inventory through its cloud-based management system.  As a third-party fail-safe, when a device modem or network goes down, the SmartLink™ can still perform reboots and restore proper device function through its independent off-band cellular connection.  Receive maintenance alerts in real-time and reboot devices before customers notice an issue. With an open API, the SmartLink™ system easily integrates with other Content Management Systems and CAD- AVL platforms.

Our technical support staff is based in Huntsville, AL and is available via phone or email 24/7 to support your operations. We also offer turnkey installation services across the entire US.

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-1-AC Controller

Control 1 AC Device

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-2-DC Controller

Control up to 2 Solar Devices

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-4-AC Controller

Control up to 4 AC Devices

SmartLink Controller Opaque

SL-4-DC Controller

Control up to 4 Solar Devices