SmartLink™ SL-2-DC Controller

Remote Management for up to Two DC Devices

SmartLink Controller - Remote Control Lighting & Device Management

The SL-2-DC controller remotely monitors, schedules, and reboots DC devices such as lighting, digital displays, media players and WIFI routers, through the cloud-based SmartLink Management System (SMS).  When devices go offline, the SL-2-DC sends a notification to users so they can minimize device downtime and restore functionality as quickly as possible.

The SL-2-DC can manage up to two DC devices on separate operating schedules.  Scheduling options can be a mix of automatic sunset/sunrise or specific times for each day of the week.  The SmartLink Management System offers an integrated Smart Weather feature to activate devices during unplanned inclement weather, and with an open API, the SL-2-DC  can integrate into other Content Management and Inventory Management platforms.