SmartLink™ SL-4-AC Controller

Remote Management for up to Four AC Devices

SmartLink Controller - Remote Control Lighting & Device Management

SmartLink is an asset management system designed to remotely manage and control field assets from one centralized platform. The SL-4-AC controller remotely monitors, schedules, and reboots up to four AC assets through its cloud-based management system. When assets go offline, the SL-4-AC notifies users and enables remote rebooting through its 4G LTE connection.  The SL-4-AC provides clarity on whether issues are caused by lack of power or lack of connectivity, which speeds up troubleshooting and reduces asset downtime.

The SL-4-AC allows up to four assets to operate on separately scheduled run-times with individual week-day scheduling capabilities.  The SmartLink system offers a Smart Weather feature to activate devices during unplanned inclement weather and has an open API to integrate into Content / Inventory Management Systems and CAD-AVL platforms.