Before using SmartLink, I could see how utilizing it would help us save on our electrical usage. I did not realize however, that it would help us manage our staff to address lighting issues and lessen issues all together.

Don Riley

Lamar Advertising

lamar billboard control

“We use SmartLink because it was developed for the Billboard industry by Billboard people.”

OUTFRONT Media Logo - OutdoorLink, Inc. “After working with OutdoorLink for almost one year now, I can tell you they are very professional organization, and they stand by their work.  It has been a pleasure to work with their Project Manager (Richard Payne), he manages his install crews without missing a step.  I would recommend OutdoorLink to anyone in the market for LED or Clock installs without hesitation.”

Gregory J LanceOUTFRONT Media

Clear Channel Outdoor Logo - OutdoorLink, Inc.

“SmartLink provides us with a very fast method of remotely rebooting our digital communications devices as needed under various scenarios. This greatly reduces the number of trips we have to make to our display locations and greatly increases display up-time.”

Eric JohnsonClear Channel Outdoor

Formetco Logo - OutdoorLink, Inc.

“Knowing immediately, the status of the commercial power at a remote location is critical in the day to day operations of a large network. Smartlink has given the outdoor industry the ability to monitor power in a cost effective, reliable way.”

Jim ShimminFormetco

Daktronics digital billboard logo

“Every Daktronics digital billboard is shipped with an integrated SmartLink unit.”

Jeremy JohnsonDaktronics

Adams Outdoor Logo - OutdoorLink, Inc.

“My staff and I wish all companies were as easy to work with as SmartLink.  Not only is Customer Support very helpful with any questions or installs, your product actually does what it’s supposed to do!”

Jessie AndersonAdams Outdoor Advertising

Lind Outdoor logo

“We are enjoying relief from the many setbacks associated with primitive mechanical timers. The ability to track and even diagnose our illuminated market remotely from anywhere is an incredible time and cost saving solution.”


Jeremy Lucas Lind Media


“Since investing in one of the newest technologies to impact the outdoor industry, the SmartLink has reduced my utility costs by 50%.”

DDI Media billboards

“We have found SmartLink to be an effective solution to providing reliable illumination in a cost effective manner. The system’s reliability has reduced the volume of open electrical repair tickets from 2-3 weeks to a consistent backlog of only a day or so.”

Vince Miller DDI Media

MH outdoor texas billboards lighting

“Managing our electrical issues just got a lot easier.”

Jeff Burkett MH Outdoor

Fairway outdoor advertising billboard company“Utility costs are the highest single expense item in outdoor advertising. We were one of the first companies to rewire all of our outdoor boards with SmartLink, that helps us remotely control our lighting. We found dramatic reductions in energy usage with each installation.”

Mark MoyerFairway

Porter advertising logo

“The SmartLink system has worked very well for us and allowed us to save time, money and unnecessary man power.”

Richard Peterson Porter Advertising

Meadow outdoor smartlink billboard controller“SmartLink sends us instant notifications of our electrical issues which allows us to respond immediately. We are able to fix our electrical issues before our clients even notices the issue. This leads to better overall customer satisfaction for our clients.”

Chris ZukinMeadow Outdoor

DSW Billboard control smartlink lighting“SmartLink lets you manage your lighting schedules at your computer. By turning off vacant signs, the utility savings have offset the cost of the product.”

Jeff BohnertDSW Signs Outdoor Advertising

mid america outdoor billboards“We use SmartLink because it helps us to streamline our operations while saving valuable time and money. The system alerts us right away when an issue occurs, allowing us to respond in a timely manner. We love it!”

Mike BaiettoMid-America Advertising


“The SmartLink has has eliminated many of the uncertainties that come with billboards. Not only has it reduced our utility cost and given us the ability to remotely set our lighting schedules. SmartLink notifies us when there is an electrical issue that needs to be addressed.”

Warren StancilInterState Outdoor

porlier outdoor logo

“SmartLink allows us to receive immediate web-based notifications regarding possible bulb or face outages. We have also seen a drop of approximately 20% of cumulative kilowatt hour consumption per month (compared with time clock driven illumination).”

Brent PorlierPorlier Outdoor Advertising

JRP Logo

“The SmartLink product has worked great for us over the past few years and it has made our life much easier. Being able to have an accurate, remote monitoring system on all of our illuminated boards has saved us a great deal of time and money. From shutting off unsold panels to being able to supply customers with ’to the minute’ POP reports, the system has been essentially been paying for itself since day one. ”

Josh PerkinsJR Promotions

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the SmartLink system. Since the units have been installed for a full month of power bills, my company has saved 30% on our utility consumption. The payback on my units will be about one year. This is like having another bulletin face in billing. Once the system is paid for I will see this cash flow to the bottom line every month from now on and we know the utility costs are not going down. In addition to the savings I like the fact the system tells me when I have an issue, saving from riding lights and only sending a service tech to the location that has an alarm. Thank you for introducing your product, it is ‘no brainer’.”

Matt RogersRogers Media Group

“Since Windsor began using the SmartLink system in 2010, our company has seen tremendous savings in our service costs. The SmartLink system alerts us to lights that are out, thus eliminating night rides. This gives Windsor the ability to provide great customer service without having to give illumination credits, and insuring customer satisfaction and loyalty in the Chicago market.”

Bill Przybylski